New Additions to the ZEB Board

There have been quite a few changes to the ZEB Board of Directors in the past few months, starting with the departure  of our long standing stewards: Christobel Munson, Muriel Watt, Katrina Shields, and Robert Goodwill. From there the positions of Chair and Secretary were taken on by existing board members Dr Anne Stuart and Sebastian Crangle, respectively. And joining us since then have been ecologists Wren McLean and Dr Andy Baker, and more recently, the past Mayor and Councilor of Byron Shire - Simon Richardson.
Simon was formative in the creation of Zero Emissions Byron, so it has been fantastic to have him join us in this capacity on the Board, to help guide and inspire the organisation onwards.
Andy is a highly respected fire and vegetation ecologist who, along with Wren and Anne, will help to guide the Land Use projects that ZEB is evolved in:   https://zerobyron.org/projects/land-use/
In the coming months the ZEB board will be conducting strategic planning, to look to the future of our projects and strategies to meet the overarching goal of reducing carbon emissions in the Byron Shire and beyond.
More detailed profiles of the experience and interests of each board member can be found here:

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