Zero Emissions Byron Limited is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee with DGR status. It is managed by a Board of Directors (see Profiles below), whose core purpose is setting strategy, governance and financial responsibility. Key responsibilities include raising and managing funds, risk management, accessing stakeholders and partners and developing and approving the strategic plan.

The Board may comprise seven members with a mix of skills, including:

  • Governance
  • Strategy
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Renewable Energy
  • Advocacy
  • Financial
  • Community

Subcommittees may be formed at any time to deal with specific items.

Vicki Brooke

Vicki has been working on climate change impacts for over 18 years. She founded Climate Action Newcastle in 2006 and joined Zero Emissions Byron at its inception in 2015. Vicki ran a small not for profit campaign, 100 Go Solar, to encourage Byron businesses to install solar.
She has served on many voluntary management committees and boards in the arts, the community and environment sectors.  Her working life covered business and the arts with expertise in management, business and strategic planning and marketing. Apart from her work for ZEB, Vicki is a passionate music and arts lover.

Nik Midlam

Nik Midlam is Manager of Carbon Strategy at the City of Sydney, having worked in a sustainability capacity since 2002. He was involved in developing, and now delivering on ambitious targets outlined in Sustainable Sydney 2030. The actions by Nik (and others) has led to emissions in Sydney falling by more than 21 per cent since 2006. His main focus is creating opportunities for accelerating renewable energy toward net zero emissions. Having grown up on the north coast of NSW, he was keen to return with his young family. They have now been living in Main Arm since Jan 2017.
An advocate for renewable energy, energy sufficiency, energy efficiency and energy productivity, he clearly understands many issues faced by the local government and its community, emerging trends, systems and opportunities, with an extensive network of specialist practitioners. Nik’s appointment to the ZEB board brings additional skills in emissions monitoring, reporting and understanding in deep emissions reduction priorities which will be needed for achieving the ambitions for Byron Shire to be net zero emissions by 2025.

Christobel Munson

Before settling in Byron Shire, Christobel spent decades working in journalism, film, publishing, marketing, IT and communications in Europe, Asia, the Middle-East, Australia and America. With her partner, she co-founded a 46ha intentional community outside Bangalow, pioneering its conversion to Community Title in Byron Shire. Shared by 12 families, the community has planted 11,800 indigenous trees, restoring Big Scrub to a former dairy farm. Harvesting rainwater, each household also has its own onsite sewage management system, plus orchards, chooks, and veggie gardens. The couple live in a passive solar designed home, generating energy from a 10kW ground-mounted PV array, excess sold as Green Energy to Enova. They import and distribute a range of vegetarian health foods. Christobel writes regularly for The Bangalow Herald, is on the steering group of the Bangalow Parklands group, the Rural Landsharing Communities Association and the executive team of her community. She is a director of Transocean Investments Pty Ltd and a director and founding participant in Zero Emissions Byron.

Katrina Shields

Katrina Shields has a background as Occupational Therapist, community development worker, adult educator and non-fiction writer. She was the Sustainability Coordinator at Byron Community College from 2008 to 2015, establishing permaculture education, sustainability education and campus sustainability. She has developed educational resources for State and Federal Governments including Australia-wide energy efficiency ed, regional backyard food growing ed and professional development for teachers embedding sustainability into learning programs. Katrina was also member of Northern Rivers Sustain Food and Sustain Energy working groups, and has added a Graduate Certificate in Education for Sustainability to her Masters in Applied Science (Social Ecology).

Matt Kendall is an award-winning communications and content strategist with over 20 years of industry experience in Sydney, London and Amsterdam. Matt is also a writer, workshop facilitator and designer, founder and Director of Fromm and co-founder of
A few years ago, he cast off the corporate chains, started his own strategy consultancy and moved to the Byron hinterland so that he and his young family would be closer to nature and have more time for what’s important.
Matt now focuses on helping government departments and institutes, start-ups and non-profits find clarity, purpose and consensus. He is working towards a rapid transition to a regenerative future through environmental campaigns and initiatives, advising impact driven organisations and businesses, and by developing and facilitating personal and community development programs.
Also a fellow and contributor to the Centre For Sustainability Leadership, Matt is the most recent addition to the ZEB Board.