Our Climate Change Challenge: #1 Eliminating the use of Fossil Fuels!

  • Use less grid electricity and save money:
    Be aware of energy use, switch off lights, appliances. Get energy-friendly light bulbs. Minimise air conditioning.
    Dry clothes in the sun.….Reducing your energy lowers demand for coal-fired power.
  • Install solar panels (and batteries) when possible.
    Use appliances eg dishwasher, washing machine during the day to minimise night time use of coal-fired power 
  • Electric vehicles:
    When EVs become affordable, trade in your petrol car, buy an EV and charge it from your solar panels 
  • Divest from fossil fuels:
    Change to ethical, fossil-fuel free investments.
    Change from banks who invest in fossil fuels.      Check out marketforces.org.au/info/compare-bank-table
  • Plant trees: join your local Landcare group or seek others with active tree-planting programs 
  • Switch to a local ethical energy supplier: Compare ‘greenest’ energy companies at canstarblue.com.au
  • If you’re renting, check out solar for renters
    There is a range of programs in development such as Enova’s solar garden concept in Byron Shire 
  • Get active and join a local group taking action to reduce emissions, working with communities to address climate change (there are over 70 local groups in Australia) 
  • Get political:
    your local parties/candidates what action they will take in government to address climate change impacts.
  • Vote for the political party that pledges to take practical action on climate change.  
  • Write letters to politicians – snail mail if you can – form a letter-writing group, keep up the pressure demanding a National Action Plan on Climate Change 
  • Talk it up! Talk to family, friends, work colleagues about climate change and the practical steps you can take in your everyday lives.  Share articles on Facebook. 
  • Keep positive: Awesome things are happening in local and regional Australia, so join the dynamic movement addressing climate change (with projects such as solar farms, tree planting, waste reduction, local food and farmers’ markets, alternative transport, energy efficiency and more). Exciting times need exciting action!