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A Solar Tuk Tuk Comes to Town

A Solar-powered Tuk Tuk visits Byron to inspire businesses, council, students and individuals, to promote sustainable transport and a low carbon future

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ZEB’s First Fundraiser for 2018: Sunday 18 March 3-4pm. A Garden Concert with THE LOVEYS!

THE LOVEYS in Concert – in a beautiful garden setting outside Bangalow. . “With swooning 5-part harmony and a cocktail-hour arsenal of instruments including guitar, ukulele, bass guitar, bassoon, drums and percussion, they have concocted a sound with shades of palm-fronded bandstands of old, elegantly sliced with the wit of the thoroughly modern woman”…(Michael Dwyer, journalist, Fairfax Press

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Event: A night of action on renewables

ZEB presents A Night of Action on Renewables 31 Aug

A NIGHT OF ACTION ON RENEWABLES will focus on how the Byron Shire region can develop large scale renewable energy projects, and how we as a community can help drive the process.

Speakers will discuss how other communities around the world are developing their own large scale renewable projects; what’s happening here in Byron Shire; how can the community benefit; and what are there investment opportunities.

$10 entry, book via 

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Want your own copy of the film of this event?
Now available  – beautifully packaged—on a 32GB USB drive. Contains film of the presentation by Professor Will Steffen, the following Q&A panel discussion PLUS individual in-depth interviews between Mick O’Regan and each of the panellists.