The Replant Byron Alliance launch will be held at Dingo Lane Farms’ inspiring native restoration and regenerative agriculture site.

3 – 4 pm March 16, 2021. 

All prospective Alliance members are invited to attend including land holders who have completed revegetating their properties, those who have made a start and those who aren’t sure where to start! 

Register for the launch and farm tour here or contact Wren at to join the Replant Byron Alliance

Wren Mclean, ZEB Replant Co ordinator with Lindsay Murray at Dingo Lane Farm planning the launch.

The Replant Byron Alliance

Is an initiative of Zero Emissions Byron. ZEB has a goal of accelerating the revegetation of around 6.6% of Byron Shire’s grazing/cleared land to draw down a calculated 10% (27 Kilotons) of the Shire-wide CO2 emissions.  ZEB invites all revegetation organisations, professionals and landholders to join the RePlant Byron Alliance to make visible your hard work to meet Byron’s carbon drawdown challenge.

Targeting carbon sequestration

The climate emergency is evolving faster than predicted with global temperatures currently tracking for 3-5 0C of warming by 2100 [1]. Together we can change this catastrophic trajectory. Our ambition is to urgently accelerate our response toward ‘net-zero emissions’. Net zero refers to achieving an overall balance between greenhouse gas emissions produced and greenhouse gas emissions taken out of the atmosphere. ZEB recognises that while we can reduce emissions from many sectors, this target will only be reached by amplifying carbon sequestration though land use.

Big picture ‘net zero’ focus

Replant Byron Alliance acts as a collaborative and non-competitive umbrella organisation to support all initiatives and stakeholders across Byron Shire to increase, account for and make more comprehensible, the significance of atmospheric carbon removal through native tree planting, vegetation management and regenerative agriculture. Our mission is to gain a big picture overview of what has been and what can be achieved collectively to transition to net-zero emissions whilst increasing biodiversity, water quality and soil stability. 

Collating data

ZEB intends to quantify our collective impact by tallying Alliance members’ tree plantings to generate general carbon drawdown figures and collate other easily recorded data for future carbon sequestration calculations. To coincide with ZEB’s baseline emissions report trees planted from July 2016 will count toward this target.

Inspiring climate action through native forest restoration

Byron Shire LGA is one of nearly 400 local authorities globally that have declared a climate emergency. It is with that renewed sense of urgency that we intend to increase the interest in, and demand for, bush restoration services across the region. Our mission is to gain a big picture overview of what has been and what can be achieved collectively to transition to net-zero emissions while increasing biodiversity, water quality and soil stability. Byron Shire will then act as a net-zero pilot site with leadership in both subtropical restoration and carbon sequestration to inspire and mentor other LGA community groups toward zero emissions.

[1] 2020 Climate Reality Check