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Review: Northern Rivers Electric Vehicle Forum 8 June 2019

Northern Rivers EV Forum: 8 June 2019 There are more aspects to driving electric vehicles than just reducing your emissions, rapid acceleration and low maintenance costs. The advent of EV technology has opened the way to developing a range of...

A Solar Tuk Tuk Comes to Town

A Solar Tuk Tuk Comes to Town

A Solar-powered Tuk Tuk visits Byron to inspire businesses, council, students and individuals, to promote sustainable transport and a low carbon future

ZEB’s First Fundraiser for 2018: Sunday 18 March 3-4pm. A Garden Concert with THE LOVEYS!

THE LOVEYS in Concert – in a beautiful garden setting outside Bangalow. . “With swooning 5-part harmony and a cocktail-hour arsenal of instruments including guitar, ukulele, bass guitar, bassoon, drums and percussion, they have concocted a sound with shades of palm-fronded bandstands of old, elegantly sliced with the wit of the thoroughly modern woman”…(Michael Dwyer, journalist, Fairfax Press