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“Take home” actions

Primary objective: STOP BURNING FOSSIL FUELS Instead of using the grid, if possible install solar panels and batteries. Do a Google search for a supplier in your area, eg in Byron Shire Let’s know anyone else you can...

ZEB’s First Fundraiser for 2018: Sunday 18 March 3-4pm. A Garden Concert with THE LOVEYS!

THE LOVEYS in Concert – in a beautiful garden setting outside Bangalow. . “With swooning 5-part harmony and a cocktail-hour arsenal of instruments including guitar, ukulele, bass guitar, bassoon, drums and percussion, they have concocted a sound with shades of palm-fronded bandstands of old, elegantly sliced with the wit of the thoroughly modern woman”…(Michael Dwyer, journalist, Fairfax Press

Newsletter April

Autumn is known as the "transitional" season - a great time to reflect on the necessary changes underway in our community to create a safe future and safe climate. We extend our warmest wishes to everyone affected by the floods. As a community, we must adapt together...

Zero Emission Byron at COP21

Zero Emission Byron at COP21

Byron goes to Paris In December 2015, the Zero Emissions Byron Project was profiled at the UN Framework Convention for Climate Change COP21 Paris Climate Change Conference, including attending the 100% RE Network Meetings, the Climate Summit for Local Leaders, and the...