Sasha Mainsbridge - Community Engagement Officer.

Sasha Mainsbridge is a Behavioural Scientist and Operational Efficiency Specialist who has been involved with ZEB since its inception. As a member of ZEB’s founding Waste Team, she contributed to the local carbon emissions baseline calculations. In 2015, Sasha founded Mullum Cares Inc to support conservation and avoidance of single use plastic. The Mullum Cares Library of Stuff, launched in 2019, enables families and organisations to reduce their consumption - and embedded emissions - by building a treasure trove of items that are shared among members.

With extensive networks that include the local business community and environmental not for profits, Sasha now works part time for ZEB as our Community Engagement Officer.

Sasha Mainsbridge
wren mclean

Wren McLean - Replant Alliance Officer

Wren McLean has a strong sense of responsibility to protect the health of our planet for future generations of all species and has committed her working life to the environmental sector. As a conservation professional, her experience covers varied projects in the fields of protected area management, biodiversity conservation, environmental education and ecological restoration and has led her to establish strong project management and collaboration skills.

Wren has a Diploma of Conservation and Land Management, Bachelor of Environmental Science and Management and attained 1st class Honours for her research on the Southern Cassowary. Wren is ZEB’s part time Replant Alliance Officer.