New ZEB website needs your help

We are developing a new website and inviting current ZEB members and stakeholders to submit additions, ideas and features.

Our current website was rushed to get something up for Simon’s Paris trip and now we are wanting to create something more special and relevant to your needs and expectations.

Please provide feedback to help us make the second stage of ZEB website development really awesome.

Website Feedback

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Do you want to join the core website team?

(This will involve workshops and work to plan and deploy the website.
During some phases of the web development, the core web team will invite ZEB members to participate. If you that's ok, choose "partly" involved.)

What do you think the primary role of the website is?
(ie why do we have a site and what do we use it for)

Secondary roles of the website?

Are you working in a ZEB group?
EnergyWasteTransportLand UseBuildingsCommunications

What does your group need to communicate to the public via the website?

Are there any other functions you need for the website (eg a recruitment process)?

Do you have any other ideas of what should be on the website?

Are you prepared to do the legwork to produce or support your suggestions/ideas?

(if not, please add you ideas anyway as others may want to champion them or ideas may be recommended multiple times meaning we need to make them happen)

Process for the second stage website build


  • Announce plan, process, dates
  • Invite current ZEB members and stakeholders to participate in core team
  • Callout for current ZEB members and stakeholders for additions, ideas
    and features (emphasis on the do-ocracy model)


  • Core team design mockups – propose framework
  • Core team design content planning, publishing models and social media


  • Consensus (on plan for phase 5 (launch))


  • Build + Skillshare
  • Content training and skillshare
  • Content planning for launch


  • Launch


  • Ongoing management/improvement
  • Ongoing content planning