As the region slowly opens up again, at ZEB we have been discussing how we can’t afford to go back to normal. Especially when it was ‘normal’ that landed us here in the first place.

Now is our last best chance to relook at how we treat our local ecosystems with fresh eyes.  The shift in direction of our Replant project is harnessing the growing momentum of awareness, resources and activity that is taking place around the world.  CO2 draw down by protecting existing and planting more native plants in conjunction with the transition of farming from destructive to regenerative practices.

ZEB recognises that while we can reduce our emissions from many sectors, we can only reach net zero emissions by amplifying carbon sequestration though land use.  The Replant Byron Alliance supports all initiatives and stakeholders across Byron Shire to increase, account for and make more comprehensible, the significance of atmospheric carbon removal through native tree planting, vegetation management and regenerative agriculture. #co2drawdown

Through this Alliance of revegetation organisations, landholders and professionals we will gain a big picture overview of what has been and what can be achieved collectively to transition to net-zero emissions while increasing biodiversity, water quality and soil stability.

By sharing success stories and celebrating Alliance member’s achievements, ZEB intends to increase community understanding and support for native revegetation as a critically important and desirable land use. We want to promote your work and increase the demand for bush restoration services across the region.

ZEB also intends to quantify our collective impact by tallying tree plantings to generate general    carbon drawdown figures to gain a big picture overview of what can be achieved to transition to net-zero whilst also increasing biodiversity, water quality and soil stability.  Interested in becoming a Replant Byron Alliance member?  Contact Wren at


What we work on

Fight for Planet A with ZEB's 12-step Climate Action Plan

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ZEB Annual Review 2018-2019

How you can help

Objective #1: Stop burning fossil fuel

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Install solar panels, switch local ethical energy supplier, switch to an affordable electric vehicle, divest from fossil fuel investment, …

Share your skills

Zero Emissions Byron is a volunteer run community project, with six working groups who meet regularly. There are five groups which cover the different sectors of emissions (energy, buildings, waste, land use and transport), plus a communications working group.

We are looking for more people to join the teams, so if you have an interest or skills that you can contribute to creating a zero emissions future for your community, please sign up to get involved.


Zero Emissions Byron is undertaking groundbreaking work in tackling climate change at a local and regional level. We are a community, volunteer led, non-profit organisation. All donations are greatly appreciated and will directly support our work to the transition of the Byron Shire region.

Vote for a green change

VOTE for the political party which guarantees to take Climate Action – and pushes to end political donations.

Ask all your local MPs to detail what specific action their party will take on Climate Change to keep below 2°: