As the region slowly opens up again, at ZEB we have been discussing how we can’t afford to go back to normal. Especially when it was ‘normal’ that landed us here in the first place.

Now is our last best chance to relook at how we treat our local ecosystems with fresh eyes. To look to the future and reimagine a new normal of care, custodianship and regenerative principles. To reimagine a normal where we become worthy ancestors to future generations and leave this beautiful region in a much better state than how we found it.

Zero Emissions Byron is lighting the way towards zero emissions by 2025. Our work has been focussed on living well, within our budget, with renewable energy resources, replanting our trees, regenerating our ecosystems, reusing goods we used to throw away, recycling waste, revisiting transport options, rethinking local systems and, of course… reducing our emissions.

“The Byron region has a wonderful opportunity to show Australia how a resilient and regenerative community can function.
Local initiatives like Zero Emissions Byron play a crucial role in developing a roadmap to get us there.
This can only happen with ongoing support

                                                                                                         Damon Gameau, 2040.

To help us continue our valuable work, ZEB invites you to contribute to the 2020 Annual Appeal. ZEB relies on you, our community, for your support as we are unfunded by government.

Every donation over $2 is tax-deductible.

This year, we’re seeking $10,000 to expand our projects and to support our programs to educate, inform and involve the community.

What is Zero Emissions Byron?

We all know there’s a climate crisis. Recent droughts and fires across Australia have been heralding its arrival, loud and clear.
We’ve know that globally, we have la matter of months to start to radically reduce our carbon emissions, or risk a massive negative impact on our way of life.

The aim of the team behind Zero Emissions Byron is to educate, promote and encourage residents of our Shire into finding out what we can each do to reduce our emissions to zero by 2025. (Read all about it in the ZEB 2018-2019 Annual Review.)

How do we do that? Well, we are an entirely volunteer and unfunded group, now registered as a charity.With only limited resources, what we do is focus public awareness on specific issues.So each year we stage public events to do just that.

In 2018, it was the Climate Council’s Professor Will Steffen’s wake-up call at Byron Theatre: THE BIG U-TURN AHEAD, Calling Australia to Action on Climate Change. He provided a scarily convincing summary of the facts and figures of the climate crisis we’re facing. His filmed presentation is available on our website, and is now being translated into German to reach a wide European audience.
In 2019, we held the first Northern Rivers EV Forum at the Cavanbah Centre, focusing on the massive potential of Electric Vehicles to reduce carbon emissions by around 40% per household. As well as a display of the latest EV’s available, a series of experts set the scene for what’s currently happening in the industry.
For 2020 – 2021, we have initiated a series of eight webinars on the topic THE EV REVOLUTION, using the ZOOM platform. The hour-long webinars are being held on the first Tuesday of the month, from 6-7pm. 

ZEB focuses its activities on five sectors: Transport, Energy, Land Use, Waste and Buildings. First, we calculated the baseline data on each. That is, the actual amount of carbon our Shire emits in each of those sectors. Then, working with stakeholders in those sectors, we’re finding the best ways to reduce their emissions – and so creating an emissions-free future.

And it’s already happening. Read how ZEB members and friends are taking action to reduce their emissions in each of these sectors in OUR STORIES. There’s Sasha Mainsbridge in Mullumbimby, moving mountains in WASTE. In LAND USE, Lindsay Murray inspires us with his regenerative agricultural practises at Dingo Lane Farms, while Will Brook explains Brookfarm’s sustainable business practises. For TRANSPORT, check out Luke Young‘s fantastic e-bike rental services at Sunshine Cycles, to be found all round the Shire. And in ENERGY, Tim Hodgson is shining a light on solar at Light Touch Solar & Electrical… all worth checking out.

Our Climate Change Challenge:
Eliminating the use of Fossil Fuels!

Click here to learn ZEB’s 12 Step Action Plan

What we work on

Fight for Planet A with ZEB's 12-step Climate Action Plan

Promote Climate ActionChanges you can make

ZEB Annual Review 2018-2019

How you can help

Objective #1: Stop burning fossil fuel

Read our list of “take-home” actions:

Install solar panels, switch local ethical energy supplier, switch to an affordable electric vehicle, divest from fossil fuel investment, …

Share your skills

Zero Emissions Byron is a volunteer run community project, with six working groups who meet regularly. There are five groups which cover the different sectors of emissions (energy, buildings, waste, land use and transport), plus a communications working group.

We are looking for more people to join the teams, so if you have an interest or skills that you can contribute to creating a zero emissions future for your community, please sign up to get involved.


Zero Emissions Byron is undertaking groundbreaking work in tackling climate change at a local and regional level. We are a community, volunteer led, non-profit organisation. All donations are greatly appreciated and will directly support our work to the transition of the Byron Shire region.

Vote for a green change

VOTE for the political party which guarantees to take Climate Action – and pushes to end political donations.

Ask all your local MPs to detail what specific action their party will take on Climate Change to keep below 2°: