Creating an emissions-free future…

Energy efficiency in our homes, schools and businesses is the first vital ingredient in ZEB’s Emissions Reduction program. We can save up to 40% of emissions by taking simple steps to reduce energy use – and keep those power bills down. The NSW Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH) has put together practical information to help you cut your electricity use. There’s also a program for low-income households to help replace inefficient appliances. Check out this link:

Our Climate Change Challenge:
Eliminating the use of Fossil Fuels!

Click here to learn ZEB’s 12 Step Action Plan

Introducing Waste Warrior Sasha Mainsbridge

A founding member of Zero Emissions Byron since 2015, Mullumimby resident Sasha Mainsbridge has focused her energy primarily on dealing with her particular interest in WASTE. The company she founded, Mullum Cares Inc, was recognised when the 2018 Keep Australia Beautiful NSW introduced a new category to their annual Tidy Towns Sustainable Communities Awards, and Mullum Cares received a ‘Highly Commended’.   Read more in OUR STORIES.


What we work on

Interview with Professor Will Steffen

The afternoon before the BIG U TURN AHEAD event (27 June 2018, Byron Theatre), Professor Will Steffen was interviewed by journalist Mick O’Regan to find out how much time he thinks is left before Australian business, industry, government and households reach the peak emissions point of no return. This interview distills the essence of Professor Steffen’s presentation.

How you can help

Objective #1: Stop burning fossil fuel

Read our list of “take-home” actions:

Install solar panels, switch local ethical energy supplier, switch to an affordable electric vehicle, divest from fossil fuel investment, …

Share your skills

Zero Emissions Byron is a volunteer run community project, with six working groups who meet regularly. There are five groups which cover the different sectors of emissions (energy, buildings, waste, land use and transport), plus a communications working group.

We are looking for more people to join the teams, so if you have an interest or skills that you can contribute to creating a zero emissions future for your community, please sign up to get involved.


Zero Emissions Byron is undertaking groundbreaking work in tackling climate change at a local and regional level. We are a community, volunteer led, non-profit organisation. All donations are greatly appreciated and will directly support our work to the transition of the Byron Shire region.

Vote for a green change

VOTE for the political party which guarantees to take Climate Action – and pushes to end political donations.

Ask all your local MPs to detail what specific action their party will take on Climate Change to keep below 2°:


  • What’s Climate Change really going to do to the planet?
  • How soon before it actually changes our lives?
  • What will happen if we DON’T meet the emissions targets?
  • What’s the science telling us, and what do we need to do….NOW!

Leading international Earth System scientist, Professor Will Steffen, called Australia to action on Climate Change at Byron Theatre on 27 June.

MC Mick O’Regan followed Professor Steffen’s ZEB TALK facilitated an expert panel in a positive Q&A session with Sue Higginson  speaking on Environmental Law, Tony Pfeiffer on Renewable energy, Amelia Hicks on Grass Roots action, and Simon Clough on Democracy in Action.

The event was filmed.


A Solar Tuk Tuk Comes to Town

A Solar-powered Tuk Tuk visits Byron to inspire businesses, council, students and individuals, to promote sustainable transport and a low carbon future

Bangalow Herald

Climate ‘State of Emergency’ Declared

ENERGY IN BUSINESS Business oriented webinar Wed 5 Dec 10.30 am – 12 noon

ZEB director Craig Johnson has been hosting a program of informative webinars on ENERGY IN BUSINESS at the Habitat Board Room, Byron Industrial Estate. The intent is to show local businesses and industries the various useful ways they can save money through energy...

THE BIG U-TURN AHEAD – Calling Australia to Action on Climate Change

Byron Theatre was packed with the concerned and the curious to hear Professor Will Steffen present the current facts from the point of view of an Earth Science expert on 27 June 2018. His radical presentation was disturbing. In the words of panellist Simon...

Upcoming ZEB TALK: Professor Will Steffen. Wednesday 27 June 2018 6.30 – 8.30pm. Byron Theatre.

‘The Big U-Turn Ahead: Calling Australia to Action on Climate Change’
A provocative and insightful ZEB TALK with Earth System Scientist Professor Will Steffen from the Climate Council and the Stockholm Resilience Centre

ZEB’s First Fundraiser for 2018: Sunday 18 March 3-4pm. A Garden Concert with THE LOVEYS!

THE LOVEYS in Concert – in a beautiful garden setting outside Bangalow. . “With swooning 5-part harmony and a cocktail-hour arsenal of instruments including guitar, ukulele, bass guitar, bassoon, drums and percussion, they have concocted a sound with shades of palm-fronded bandstands of old, elegantly sliced with the wit of the thoroughly modern woman”…(Michael Dwyer, journalist, Fairfax Press

‘A night of action on renewables’ shows keen community interest

Zero Emissions Byron hosted a 'Night of Action on Renewables' on August 31st, with an audience of more than 80 people who were all keenly interested in how we can develop renewables in our community. Keynote speaker Taryn Lane, a manager of Hepburn Wind, Australia’s...

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