Zero Emissions Byron (ZEB) was initiated in March 2015, at a public meeting with the CEO of Melbourne Think Tank, Beyond Zero Emissions, and the Byron Shire Mayor, and community members. ZEB was developed as a collaboration between the Byron Shire Community, the Byron Shire Council, Beyond Zero Emissions and the Centre for Social Change.

In the first two years, the focus was on developing the internal structure and capacity; relationships with key stakeholders; the emissions inventory for the Byron Shire region; the regional strategy for emissions mitigation; and initial projects.

Key steps in the evolution of ZEB

Zero Emissions Byron History

March 2021

replant byron alliance

Replant Byron Alliance is born out Replant Byron initiative

ZEB’s Replant Byron Alliance blossoms out of the original Replant Byron initiative, offering a “match-making” service to landowners, connecting people wanting to reforest their acres, and/or learn about regenerative agriculture, with recognised professional nurseries and professional regenerators.

December 2020

kiss the ground

ZEB screens the film ‘Kiss the Ground’

In Byron Theatre, ZEB screens the film ‘Kiss the Ground’, together with a panel discussion in Regenerative Agriculture.

October 2020

Community Forest at The Farm

ZEB establishes Byron’s first Community Forest at popular tourist destination The Farm, becoming Replant Byron Alliance’s most visible and accessible planting. $30,000 was raised towards purchasing, planting and maintaining the trees, supported by donations and grants.

August 2020

ZEB initiates ‘Fight for Planet A and Win’

ZEB initiates ‘Fight for Planet A and Win’

Following the success of the ABC’s TV program, ZEB initiates a Climate Challenge titled ‘Fight for Planet A and Win’. Monthly, prizes from local businesses are awarded to shire residents who share their carbon-reducing activities on a ZEB Facebook page.

August 2020

ev revolution

The EV Revolution Series commences

ZEB initiates a series of eight monthly, one-hour webinars on ‘The EV Revolution’. The webinars feature leading industry experts, and youtube recordings prove popular, reaching an international audience.

July 2020

ZEB engages Point Advisory to monitor shire emissions

To monitor the Shire’s Energy Emissions, ZEB engages Point Advisory, to produce data.

June 2020

ZEB joins Sustain Northern Rivers Energy Working Group

ZEB is represented on Sustain Northern Rivers Energy Working Group.

May 2020

Buildings team creates poster to highlight low carbon house design

Buildings team creates poster to highlight low carbon house design

The ZEB Buildings team works with architects to devise a poster to highlight low carbon house designs, offered to people planning new houses.

April 2020

sasha mainsbridge

ZEB engages Community Engagement Officer, Sasha Mainsbridge

ZEB engages Sasha Mainsbridge, as Community Engagement Officer to actively promote community engagement.
The Communications team produces a leaflet CHANGES YOU CAN MAKE, widely distributed at street stalls and community events, and via the website.

October 2019

Replant Byron commences

Replant Byron commences

The first of many tree planting projects happens on a private Ewingsdale property as part of RePlant Byron, a ZEB project which plants 18,000 trees to drawdown carbon. ZEB joins the Climate Marches calling for action.

June 2019

The first Northern Rivers Electric Vehicle Expo and Forum

ZEB stages the first Northern Rivers Electric Vehicle Expo and Forum, to showcase the latest trends in EV’s. Six hours of presentations with key industry leaders. ZEB participates in the launch of two EV charging stations: NRMA’s chargers at The Farm, and the EV chargers at Council’s carpark.

October 2018

A Climate Emergency

Byron Shire Council declares a Climate Emergency. ZEB engages in a wide variety of local community actions and is represented on Byron Council’s Sustainability and Emissions Reduction Advisory Committee, SERAC.

ZEB’s regular newsletter and Facebook pages highlight ZEB activities and inspire community action on reducing emissions.

June 2018

big u-turn ahead

The Big U-Turn Ahead

ZEB holds and films a “wake-up” presentation at Byron Theatre with the Climate Council’s Professor Will Steffen called THE BIG U-TURN AHEAD. The film is widely distributed to Councils around Australia and other groups

April 2018

Zero Emissions Byron attains DGR status

ZEB attains DGR status, enabling ZEB to offer tax deductibility to donors

April 2017

Byron Shire Council endorses Zero Emissions targets

Byron Shire Council formally endorsed the target of Zero Emissions.

October 2016

Formation of Zero Emissions Byron Limited

Formation of Zero Emissions Byron Limited, a not-for-profit company, limited by guarantee. The company is a registered, tax exempt charity, with an elected Board of Directors and an Advisory Panel.

April 2016

Baseline Emissions Report completed

Baseline Emissions Report completed, quantifying greenhouse gas emissions from each sector. Stakeholder forums held across each sector to develop emissions mitigation strategies and document emissions abatement projects.

June 2015

First public Zero Emissions Byron meeting

Public meeting held with Stephen Bygrave – CEO of Melbourne Think Tank, Beyond Zero Emissions, Byron Shire Mayor Simon Richardson, and Amanda Cahill, director of the Centre for Social Change, ZEB is the first of 100+ Zero Communities now established across Australia.
Five volunteer teams were formed across the sectors Energy, Buildings, Transport, Land Use and Waste.