Our History

ABOUT/The story so far
Initial Project Partners

The zero emissions target for Byron Shire was initiated in March 2015 when the Mayor of Byron Shire, Simon Richardson met with Dr Stephen Bygrave, then CEO of Beyond Zero Emissions (BZE). BZE is a national think-tank providing research and plans for addressing climate change, including national blueprints for transitioning our economy away from fossil fuels. Also collaborating as an initial project partner was Amanda Cahill from the Centre for Social Change, experts in community engagement and transition.

June 2015 launch meeting presented the concept to members of the Byron Shire community. Those interested in working on the project signed up to participate in five working groups covering each of the identified sectors: Energy,BuildingsTransportLand use and Waste.

By August 2015, the five volunteer working groups had started phase one of the project: assessing the greenhouse gas emissions in the shire for each sector.

May 2016: The resulting baseline report was released at the inaugural RenewFest. The report assessed emissions from the entire region for each sectors.

November 2016:
Zero Emissions Byron Limited was incorporated as a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee, with charity status. Guided by a Board of Directors each with specific expertise, the company has applied to become a deductible gift recipient (DGR).

As well as a close collaborative connection with Byron Shire Council, ZEB has input from an expert Advisory Group and its skilled project coordinator.
Community representatives coordinate and manage the projects for each of the five sectors, in parallel with a Communications and Engagement team.
Where our aims overlap, ZEB works closely with other community projects such as COREM and ENOVA.

October-December 2016: stakeholder forums for each sector were held. These obtained input from key industry experts and potential partners into viable types of mitigation strategies for this region.

NOW/2017:ZEB acts as an umbrella project to enhance and support other projects and initiatives in the region, and is seeking partners for the implementation of many projects.

The focus is on developing blueprint plans for transitioning each sector and implementing key projects.

We’re growing innovative and sustainable local jobs, working with the community to develop new projects, and continuing ongoing measurement and monitoring of emissions reductions.