Practice Energy Efficiency

Energy Freedom lowers demand for fossil fuels. There is a lot everyone can do! Click below to find out more:


The greenest energy is energy you don’t have to use

Practicing energy efficiency via good design, retro fitting and efficient behaviours can quickly and significantly lower demand – you might be surprised how much you can save in both money and emissions! Even if you have a big solar PV or source other renewable energy, energy efficiency is still important in the big picture of lowering emissions – you can contribute more clean energy to the grid (and get paid for it).

When building or renovating you have a great opportunity to dramatically lower the energy usage over the life of the building. This involves appropriate orientation, letting in winter sun, shading from summer sun, gap sealing, high rating insulation or designing in heat vents for summer. This dramatically improves comfort and adds value to your building. Step away from gas stoves and fossil fuels to go all electric – induction stoves are very quick and responsive.

Check out the Energy Freedom Book.

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Understand how much electricity you use – read your bills and your meter. Track this over time and talk about it as a family. This is very motivating! But feedback in real time is the most effective incentive by using apps that come with some solar arrays or smart meters. See Understanding your Usage.

Even if you are a renter there are effective actions you can take. For instance, can still install LED lighting in most fixtures and take them with you if you go.

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First step can be to lessen the number of bulbs you - many fittings and rooms have unnecessary bulbs. Replace shockingly wasteful halogen lighting and less efficient compact fluoros with highly efficient LED lighting – there are a range of cool to warm lighting tones. Get rid of old incandescent bulbs now! This pays off quicker than you would think, prices are dropping rapidly. Improve natural light so you don’t need lamps or lights during daytime. Skylights, solar skylights, Skytubes or new windows can save energy use over time. See rebate offer for NSW.

Use motion-sensing night lights rather than leaving lights on all night, same with outdoor lights. Switch off when you leave the room - find a way to motivate the whole household!

Dramatic improvements in cooling and heating can come from insulating or upgrading the quality of roof, wall, window and even floor insulation. There are many products for all situations. Appropriate shading and ventilation will manage heat build-up (go for cross ventilation and high heat venting). Gap sealing will keep the cool and the heat in when you want it. Retro fitting underfloor insulation – especially for older draughty Queenslander style houses, works well.

With good design, we should not need much heating in our subtropical climate. If you need lots, try upgrading the insulation, more floor rugs, sealing gaps, putting up better curtains with pelmets, closing windows and other ways to minimise heat loss. The most efficient heating comes from reverse cycle air con. Try heating yourself rather than the whole room with warmer clothing and heated throws rugs. For detailed advice see this booklet.

We have a great climate for solar hot water – free water heating from the sun! If you have a big solar array a heat pump may be a good option too.

Insulate pipes, get the thermostat turned down to (no lower than) 60 o C, stop water drips, wash clothes in cold water, shorten showers and don’t wash dishes under running hot taps.

For detailed advice see this booklet.

Sunspot has mapped the rooftop solar potential in Byron Shire. Check out your specific roof and what you could save from a solar PV system of various sizes.

Or, it could be time to add more capacity to your current system as prices have dropped dramatically! Better still consider a battery for 24/7 renewable energy that gives also you back up in back outs and gets you ready for your electric vehicle.

If there is a little red glowing light when not using an appliance you are wasting power. This can be up to 10% of your usage and unnecessary. Switch off at the wall, use power boards to make switches accessible, use freedom switches and other set ups to switch everything off remotely or via wi-fi. Get your household into the habit of no standby power. Put up signs if you have to.

The star rating scheme helps you choose more efficient appliances. The more stars the more efficient. Sometimes you pay more but they pay for themselves in energy savings. Efficiency really matters for equipment that is on all the time like fridges. There are NSW rebates for some people for more efficient TVs and fridges. See appliance rebate offers.

You can make big savings with time-efficient use of energy-efficient pumps. The best choices depend it you have solar power or not. The efficiency benefits come from choice of equipment, time of day it is switched on, length of time on etc.), in pool solar operated filters are available. Get good advice before purchasing and check out retrofitting options.

Choose an ethical electricity supplier who sources renewable energy and/or subscribe to accredited GreenPower.

Enova Energy is a community locally owned ethical supplier supporting innovative renewable energy projects in our region.

NSW Energy Saver Website - Check out current rebates

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