FFPA Winner: Living in an off-grid cabin

Winner: Ness Stewart
“During COVID we lived in an offish-grid cabin, surrounded by excess eucalyptus wood our landlady deemed a fire hazard. To be active managers of our woodlands inspired our cob-rocket-stove-thermosiphon-bathtub-water-heater design! 

“Rainwater is collected in a barrel and plumbed into and heated around the cob stove. Through the law of thermodynamics, water is siphoned back up to the bathtub. The two tiered rocket stove is an awesome piece of appropriate low-tech technology.

“The intention is to prepare dinner, store hot water, and enjoy a warm rain water-fed bath occasionally in winter (post bath, the water is fed to fruit trees on the hillside). 

With the exception of a few plumbing bits, everything was either gathered from the land or reclaimed. This photo shows a keen permie friend implementing the initial stages. ”

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