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Enter Zero Emissions Byron Electric Vehicle survey – and win a chance to drive a Tesla for a day

As the EV Expo proposed for 7 November had to be postponed due to COVID, community group Zero Emissions Byron (ZEB) has launched a survey designed to find out what barriers prevent NSW Northern Rivers residents from buying an electric vehicle (EV).

The survey seeks to understand exactly what people would like to know about electric vehicles, what type they’d like to buy (and what’s stopping them), as well as other questions relating to price, range anxiety, charging stations and more.

“Strategies designed to roll out electric vehicles in cities, don’t necessarily work in our NSW Northern Rivers area,” said Dr Muriel Watt, head of Zero Emissions Byron’s Electric Vehicle team. “We’re distributing the survey throughout Lismore, Byron, Ballina, Tweed and Richmond Valley Local Government areas with the intent to advocate for residents of these areas to make EV ownership easier across our region.”

As an incentive to participate in the survey, which must be completed by 31 October 2021, electric car rental company EVEE (www.evee.com.au) is offering ‘A Day in an EV’ as a prize for a randomly selected winner. Survey results, and the winner, will be released in early November.

The survey can be accessed through the ZEB website www.zerobyron.org or its Facebook page @zerobyron or via this link.

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