Tiles instead of skirting boards

From the article in the Guardian below, Paddington (Brisbane) resident Rusty is quoted regarding the clean up after his flood adapted unit was inundated in the recent event:

“Because of the way they’d tiled the place I was able to put a hose right through my unit,” he said.

“Really there was no structural damage to my place at all, because of the work these guys did."

If you didn't or don't need to remove gyprock to dry out the house frame behind it then this simple adaptation might be one for your Residential Flood Adaption Toolkit.

The featured image is Kevin Adams on the balcony of his ground-floor unit, weeks after it was inundated. Photograph: David Kelly/Photograph David Kelly/The Guardian

"As floods worsen, some say it is time to rethink how Queenslanders build for the future"

ZEB thinks it's time everyone living near water rethinks preparing for future flooding.

Kevin ‘Rusty’ Adams has seen his home flooded three times in the last decade, but doesn't want to move. The unit is now 'flood-proof' thanks to a council program. Photograph: David Kelly/Photograph David Kelly/The Guardian

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