Energy consumption in Byron Shire

ZEB aims to reduce emissions from stationary energy in Byron Shire to zero by 2025, predominantly through locally produced and traded renewable energy.

The majority of energy used within the Byron Shire is currently from fossil fuels – from coal fired power electricity and from LPG. Approximately 30% of houses across the region have rooftop solar PV installed.

The baseline audit of emissions found that over half of all emissions from the Byron Shire are from stationary energy.

Renewable Energy ReportZEB energy-report-may-2017

ZEB commissioned a report which aimed to help identify and implement the most appropriate mix of renewable energy and energy efficiency to reduce Byron Shire’s electricity emissions to zero by 2025. The report has two components: modelling of the mix of renewables; and analysis of key issues needed to implement a transition to 100% renewable energy.

Read the report here

Community led Renewable Energy

Across Australia, communities are leading the challenge to switch to Renewable Energy. In the Byron Shire, several community initiatives now exist, focusing on funding and installing renewable energy for businesses, including COREM (Community Own Renewable Energy Mullumbimby) and Enova, Australia’s first community owned energy retailer, formed in Byron Shire, which aims to retail 100% locally produced green power.