Feb 2020 e-news

Fires. Floods. Climate change – in Australia – finally in the spotlight. Some words on this particular moment in time from Vicki Brooke, Chair of Zero Emissions Byron Limited:

So many wonderful words have been written about the devastating fires that caused loss of life, property, animals and whole environments, what more can you add?

Grief, tears, anger, frustration …  all these emotions will be seared in our memories. So, too, will we remember the great heroes who rose magnificently to the occasion: the firies, the fire commissioners and everyday people who gave everything to help.

From ZEB’s viewpoint, there’s no doubt climate change is the root cause, with the prolonged drought exacerbating our drying continent and the usual seasonal events. Professor Ross Garnaut predicted the build up to 2020 fires in 2008!  We had 12 years to take action …

Now we’re dealing with the aftermath of floods that brought relieving rain but unleashed the power of nature, eroding coastlines and destroying precious beaches.

Our sympathy goes to those who’ve suffered loss. It’s a heart-wrenching time for so many individuals and communities. We are walking with you. ZEB wishes you strength and courage as you rebuild your lives.

NOW is the time for action. Those who heard Professor Will Steffen in June 2018 will recall his chilling comment that we have only two years left to take serious action on climate change … the longer we leave it, the harder it will get. The clock is ticking … now there’s only 4 months left to the first deadline.  ZEB has revised its ’Take Action’ flyer, available soon on the website zerobyron.org.and as hard copy. By taking actions – no matter how small – each of us can make an important difference.

NOW is the time to get political. Recent events underscore the urgent need to support Independent MP Zali Steggall’s Climate Change Bill and the proposed Climate Change Commission to deliver the national emissions reduction target. I urge everyone to contact their local Federal MP to support the Bill. The more people putting pressure on MPs for change to the status quo, the more likely the Bill will get a proper hearing. Please go to climateactnow.com.au to sign the petition and contact your MP, and share widely with friends and colleagues.

Last weekend’s National Climate Emergency Summit produced a Declaration for everyone to sign – please see below.

With thanks and warm wishes


The Firesticks Alliance event  GOOD FIRE FOR COUNTRY 5 Feb 2020
Our friends at the Firesticks Alliance held an impressive – and timely –  event in the Mullum Civic Centre on 5 Feb. It was well received by the packed audience.

One of the speakers was SCU lecturer and researcher, Andy Baker. His informative presentation can be found on Youtube at: youtu.be/AvrSL9jONMU

Uncontrolled fires are devastating communities and wildlife. For 80,000 years Traditional Custodians avoided this problem through traditional cultural fire and land management practices.

You can help the Firesticks Alliance bring back this proven methodology to prevent wildfires and protect Country.  Read how at  firesticks.org.au/

 National Climate Emergency
Last week in Melbourne, a National Climate Emergency Summit was held. Please show your support by signing the resulting Declaration at climateemergencysummit.org/declaration/

Watch out for the next Safe Climate event and attend to keep up to date on progress towards achieving our goals.

Coming soon…
29 February – 1 March
9am to 5pm
North Byron Parklands
You may already have hear about the upcoming 2-day NRMA event, to promote its 100th anniversary. ZEB will have a stand at the event, shared with our friends from COREM.

We’ll also be making a 20-minute presentation on everything that ZEB’s been up to each day.

We’ll be bringing fresh news on upcoming planting sessions for our RePlant Byron program, and what’s afoot on the EV scene. (On 23 May, ZEB will be staging another popular day-long Northern Rivers EV Forum at the Cavanbah Centre in Byron Bay.)

If you’re interested in helping us out on the ZEB stand, please let us know at zeb@zerobyron.org

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