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Chris Sanderson – Bangalow

Solar - Batteries - EV - Trees Planted - the works

Hi everyone,
In order to minimise our greenhouse gas emissions, we have a 10kW above ground solar array and two LG 9kW batteries.  We use the power generated by the solar system to power the house, our home-based business (distributing vegetarian health foods) and our EV, and there’s leftover energy which we on-sell to Enova as green energy.

The chart below shows our total solar usage results for 2020:

We generated 11.508 MWh.

We consumed 8.0 MWh.

Our batteries (from local company Light Touch Solar) contributed 4.4MWh, and we fed back to the grid 3.526MWh.

This means that 89% of our energy consumption is from what we generate from the panels, and we only use 11% from the grid, which is green energy from Enova.

Apart from that, we have 111,000 litres of rainwater stored in four big tanks, and an orchard growing us food all year round. Plus 3 chooks. We live on a 46ha community outside Bangalow, where over the years, we’ve managed to plant more than 11,000 regen trees to help sequester carbon and improve the quality of the soil.

So that’s the story of how we're building resilience and sequestering carbon.   So far, anyway!


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