Rex’s Recommendation #4 : John Kempf – Regen Ag Specialist

John Kempf is an entrepreneur, speaker, podcast host and teacher.  He is passionate about the potential of well managed agriculture ecosystems to reverse ecological degradation.

John believes regenerative agriculture management systems can:

    • regenerate producer profitability and create economic incentives for producers
    • produce crops that are inherently resistant to possible infections by insects, bacteria, fungi, nematodes and viruses, eliminating the need for pesticides.
    • produce food that can regenerate public health, with an elevated content of immune compounds that transfer plant immunity to livestock and people, providing food as medicine.
    • rapidly sequester carbon, build soil organic matter much faster than commonly expected, restore hydrological cycles, cool the climate, and reduce the water requirements of a crop.

Rex Harris, Piccadilly Park, Bangalow

Macadamia Farmer, Change Maker & Guest ZEB Blog Writer

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