2022 Community Collaboration – ZEB’s contribution described in the Annual Chair’s Report

“The clock is ticking. We are fighting the fight of our lives – and we are about to lose!” These are the vivid words of UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres at COP27 in Egypt, referring to the droughts, floods, storms and rising sea levels globally, caused by the climate crisis. 

At Zero Emissions Byron (ZEB) this year, our aim has been to ‘Think Globally. Act Locally’. Looking back, after the challenging years of drought - then fires, COVID - then floods, this is how ZEB has ‘acted locally’ in 2022.

With the aim of inspiring the community to fast-track emissions reduction activities, this year we’ve produced informative films, held stimulating events, and worked closely with a number of local and regional organisations and groups to get the word out. Community Collaboration has been our theme for 2022.

Christobel Munson

Zero Emissions Byron Chair

Read the full Chair's Report for 2022 here as well as prior reports from Zero Emissions Byron.

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