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Sustainable Renters Week

Renew.org.au announce Sustainable Renters Week

No matter if you're a homeowner or a renter, you can make changes to your home to improve it's comfort, reduce energy bills and limit your environmental footprint.  

This December we’re shifting our attention to rental properties. Join us as we navigate how to encourage your landlord to upgrade the efficiency of your rental, dive into the small DIY changes you can do today to improve thermal comfort, and look at how you can use even the smallest outdoor space to create a productive homegrown oasis.

People who own rental properties might interested in joining our session on how to improve the sustainability and energy efficiency of these homes, as we look at the rebates and tax concessions you may be eligible for.

Online workshops begin Monday

Monday 5th - Getting your landlord on board

Tuesday 6th - Tips for making your rental more comfortable and affordable

Wednesday 7th - Small Space Gardening

Thursday 8th - Improving the rentability and sustainability of your property

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