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Sustainable House Day – introduces Flood Resilience as a category

This year's Sustainable House Day is March 19 but check out the website here as there are a raft of resources permanently available plus a program  of workshops that runs for a month after the 19th.  All featured homes will have a video showing the elements of interest and owners will either open their doors  literally so you can speak to them face to face or virtually with the facility for you to ask them questions.

This year Flood Resilience has been added as a special category so we're excited to let you know that the Northern Rivers Reconstruction Corporation is supporting Mullum Cares and ZEB's efforts to inspire locals to rebuild flood resilient as this is the cornerstone of the NSW Resilient Homes Program they are implementing.

Right now we are on the lookout for homeowners and tradies in the Northern Rivers who've rebuilt flood resilient since the floods last year or have designed a new build or renovation with flood adaptation in mind.  If this is you please complete the Contact form below and share this with your networks to help us find great examples to share.

There are still many, many homes awaiting their rebuild so the opportunity to inspire more resilient rebuilding should be everyones priority if a repeat of the trauma and loss is to be avoided sometime in the future.  Without a concerted effort to rapidly adapt, each natural disaster will create an enormous emission spike in the extraction, production, transport and erection of replacement materials required to recover and rebuild each time - literally adding more fuel to the climate change fire.

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