Perlin’s Tiny Home and more

Longtime ZEB volunteer, Perlin Earth has almost finished his Tiny Home build. This is his story.

by Perlin Earth

As climate change/climate collapse becomes a more pressing issue in our day to day lives, I wanted to do everything I could to minimise my impact on the planet and help other people reduce their impact. So I decided to research, learn and share everything I could about sustainability, reducing your carbon footprint and understanding the current climate and biodiversity situation.

This journey has led to some amazing experiences such as:

  • Building my own Tiny House to reduce my energy consumption.

  • Installing solar and batteries for all my power needs.

  • Getting my ‘Cert 3 in Permaculture’ to learn how to grow food sustainably.

  • Working with ‘Zero Emissions Byron’ to promote the different emissions reduction and draw-down projects that they are involved in, as well as managing their instagram account.

  • Dramatically reducing my single-use plastic use.

  • Getting involved with ‘Extinction Rebellion’ to document their protests and message.

  • And much more.

And I figured the best way to share what I learn is through the platforms I know best, Youtube and Instagram.

I have started a youtube channel called ‘Sustainable Living’ where I am sharing sustainability tips, sustainable product reviews, and Tiny House videos.

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