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Instead of using a car for local trips, Gerd & Bavara use their electric scooter

This is is their story, lots of good info worth reading..

Gerd Kuhlmann supplied this story as an entry to our Fight for Planet A campaign in August 2020
Bavara's car had broken down, we needed a second vehicle and wanted to avoid another petrol car.  New electric cars were still too expensive for a second vehicle. I read an article in my RENEW alternative technology magazine about two companies in Australia selling scooters that were usable in the Byron Shire.
I had tried riding a push bike here from our home at Tyagarah to Mullum, Byron or Brunswick but it feels very dangerous on these roads without a bike track. These scooters are can drive 80kmh with the two of us on it. This means no car needs to overtake us on these country roads and it feels much safer.
They have a range of 90-130km which is enough for us to get around in the Shire.  We have used it this year a lot and it is fun. The weather predictions nowadays are so exact that we have avoided rain so far.   We plug it into the charger at home for 3-4 hours depending on how far we have travelled.
We have solar panels and 80% of our rides are charged though our own solar.  We also have a Green Power electricity plan for the house so that means all the trips are 100% charged with renewable energy.
Gerd continues..
Of the two companies selling electric scooters - Fonzarelli in Sydney and Bzooma - we elected to buy from Bzooma because it was closer for future repairs and for us to get it to our place.  We paid $8500.
John, from Bzooma was very friendly. He helped wherever he could. He delivered the scooter to our home and helped with the registration. There were tricky details involved securing insurance and the"system" didn't know how to handle, book or register it so John's assistance proved invaluable.  So far the scooter has had a few little problems here and there but this is to be expected with new technology and John has always been available to help .

We still love the smooth rides and powerful acceleration. We have driven it 5000km in this year. No oil change, no pollution, quiet and practical and no hot exhaust pipe 

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