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We need help rebuilding flood resilient NOW!

The Byron Shire Council is prioritising DA's for raising flood prone homes but we need MUCH MORE assistance from the State Government.

We welcome the creation of the Northern Rivers Reconstruction Corporation (NRRC) and the efforts being made by local government development support officers to provide information to flood affected property owners but this reality check from the Byron Shire Council's website is a massive wake up call that we need commitments NOW from the State government to support people who are committed to rebuilding flood resilient.

We are applying for funding under the upcoming Department of Planning and Environment 2022 Floodplain Management Grant to assist property owners who want to raise their floor level.

The 2022-2023 funding round is currently open. Council is unlikely to find out the outcome until November 2022. Based on past state funding allocations, we are likely only to be awarded funding for two houses. Therefore, Council will need to apply for state funding each year.

Taken from the Byron Shire Council's 'Volunteer House Raising Scheme' fact sheet.

Who is responsible for ensuring the region is being rebuilt flood resilient?

According to the Queensland Reconstruction Authority

Benefits of resilient homes under future climate change scenarios 

The economic case for flood resilient retrofitting of homes becomes even greater under future climate change scenarios. In these scenarios, flood resilient homes are economically viable under all circumstances modelled up to a 0.5% (1 in 200) AEP. The average Benefit Cost Ratios ranges from 1.7 to 27.3 and the average payback period ranges from 1 to 14 years depending on building type, treatment adopted and likely frequency of flooding.

(Source: p116 Flood Resilient Building Guidance for Queensland Homes) see here for more info.

The Brisbane City Council has been supporting its residents to rebuild flood resilient by engaging Project Managers & Technical Assessors & Advisors to deliver their Flood Resilient Homes Program.  We need the NRRC to appoint a flood retrofitting technical expert NOW to get information out to property owners on flood resilient materials and strategies before it's too late. The window of opportunity is open only as long as the walls inside buildings are.

Queensland Flood Resilient Rebuild Partners

Who is responsible for providing Flood Resilient Rebuild assistance in NSW?

Demand Urgent Information & Funding Mechanisms for People to Rebuild Flood Resilient

Banks need to work with their customers to provide low interest loans for the specific purpose of installing flood resilient materials instead of sitting back and letting insurers 'restore' homes like-for-like.  There is a cost difference and it is not insignificant.  Many property owners will not meet bank lending criteria and these residents MUST be supported with lending mechanisms developed by government.

Sasha Mainsbridge, ZEB's Community Engagement Officer and leader of Mullum Cares' Flood Adaptation project, has spoken to Tamara Smith about this imperative.  Please sign the petition below to add your voice to this call to the NRRC.


Facebook resources for sharing flood adaptation information and giving and receiving donations

If you use Facebook here are some pages and groups involved with the community flood response:

Mullum Cares has created a group specifically to share information like this blog post and for community to contribute their ideas and experience of flood resilient building materials and furniture:

Build Back Better Northern Rivers 

If you have donations in great condition Facebook marketplace and these Fb groups are great ways to not just donate the item but also the time and effort required to get a donation from you into the hands of a person in need.

Unconditional Giving & Receiving Byron & Byron Shire Urgent Flood Assistance

The Library of Stuff is offering FREE memberships to flood impacted locals and are always keen to receive donations of items in great condition that are helpful to people to borrow for a week or two at a time.   All info can be found on their website libraryofstuff.org.au or Fb:

Library of Stuff Mullumbimby

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