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The Byron Tip Shop in Myocum rebrands as the ReMarket this Saturday – come along!

Circular Economy fever has reached the Shire! 

The Tip Shop in Myocum is a much loved destination for second hand brick a brack lovers in the region.  Buying second hand is always better for your carbon footprint so if its been a while (or like, ever) since you headed to the tip for a look at the variety of items available in the shop then put it on your to do list now!

To celebrate the rebrand there will be demonstrations and workshops this Saturday 25th Feb from 9-11am.

There's so much waste that is ripe for repurposing!

Like timber pallets!  They are often hard wood, heat treated (no toxic chemicals) and single use (what a disgrace!)  These are available in all our industrial estates on the nature strips for free and make great building materials.  Shedding and the Repair Cafe team are supporting the launch with pallet 'pulling' demonstrations (amongst other activities) that show how a custom made tool, the pallet paw,  makes pulling the timbers of a pallet apart with minimal cracking a breeze.  You can borrow a pallet paw from the Library of Stuff.  Of course!

The Library of Stuff will have a display of their home DIY tools to remind visitors that trash plus tools = upcycled treasure!  Textile tools will also be on display and in use with a team of master makers from the Salvage Culture Project menders at the ready and a Sashiko workshop starting at 10am.   Bring along your pile of clothing and textile items in need of attention and see what you can get help with.

The global fashion industry is responsible for 10% of global emissions.  We must slow down the rate of consumption, particularly of poor quality textiles but also radically improve recycling technology.  It's much the same story as the plastic crisis.  Mullum Cares began looking at textile waste in 2020 when they launched their Salvage Culture Project.  Then covid hit, then the flood.  So after a time on the shelf, the project is back on the table and plans are being made to activate our region to join the global groundswell that is action on textile waste.  If you are interested in finding people who can mend your clothes or workshops that might teach you how to make and mend follow Salvage Culture on socials or on mullumcares.org.au.

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