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Brunswick Valley Landcare’s February Newsletter

Each month Brunswick Valley Landcare publishes a comprehensive newsletter of what's happening in the land of landcare in our shire and beyond.


Seriously how big is that cane toad!!??

This brilliant newsletter has standing items including: EVENTS AND SEMINARS, WEED OF THE MONTH, WORKING BEE lists & LINKS to fabulous resources.

ZEB highly recommends supporting BVL by becoming a member.  Each month we will help promote this fantastic resource through our online channels.

In the newsletter we particularly loved being introduced to the Gardening Responsibly Scheme - let your local plant seller or landscaper know about it.

What is the Gardening Responsibly Scheme?

The Gardening Responsibly Scheme is a free, voluntary, industry-led initiative to promote the supply of and demand for Certified Gardening Responsibly plants.

Who can join the Scheme?

Scheme membership is open to all greenlife industry businesses including:

  • Landscape architects
  • Landscapers
  • Plant breeders
  • Plant brokers
  • Retail nurseries
  • Wholesale nurseries
How did the Gardening Responsibly Scheme come about?

In 2015, stakeholders from industry, government and the community came together in a number of workshops to find solutions to the ‘wicked weed problem’. In 2017, the NSW Environmental Trust commissioned a two-phase project to research, design and build a voluntary industry certification Scheme, governed by a Consortium.

The NSW Environmental Trust-funded pilot program ended in December 2022. The Consortium is now transitioning to a new governance and funding model, and in 2023 will form a new not-for-profit company limited by guarantee.

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