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Award Winning Mullum Care’s Library of Stuff

Byron Shire's Community Initiative of the Year

Among Byron Shire Council’s Australia Day Awards, the Library of Stuff was awarded ‘Community Initiative of the Year’(Pictured above: Sasha Mainsbridge at left, with Library of Stuff co-founder, Celine Massa, with their Community Initiative Award.)

As Council describes it: “The Library of Stuff is a community operation that shares infrequently needed items with its members who are mainly households and local not-for-profit groups. Its aim is to reduce consumption and waste and help create a sharing culture in the community. It does this by encouraging people to ‘borrow’ not ‘buy’ and advocates for good maintenance and repair of items rather than throwing them out. This is a keystone of lower carbon living.

Photo courtesy of Jeff Dawson and the Echo

The Library of Stuff's first Impact Report

The benefits to our community of the Library of Stuff are very hard to measure but an impressive attempt has been made with their first report recently published.

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The unmeasurable benefits

Mullum Cares has demonstrated an amazing propensity for collaboration since its inception in 2015.  Founder Sasha Mainsbridge has secured the home of the Library, the Mullum Community Hall (formerly the Scout Hall) for Enova's Good Car Company Workshops in Mullumbimby to conduct its Electric Vehicle Bulk Buy campaign (register to attend here).

The Library assets are set to support Clean Up Mullum on Sunday March 6 and the Mullum2Bruns paddle on May 29 and the image below lists some of the events and organisations they have supported in the past.

Tomorrow the Byron Shire Council will decide on the appointment of the new leaseholders of the Mullum Community Hall and ZEB has provided a strong letter of support for Mullum Cares proposal.  We wish them all the best.

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