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Byron BYD EV Expo – Sunday 11th September – Bangalow Showgrounds

Proudly brought to you by BYD - introducing their Atto 3

The principal sponsor of our EV Expo is BYD ('Build Your Dreams'), one of the world’s leading advanced battery and electric vehicle manufacturers.
BYD will be displaying the ATTO 3, built to Australian specs, and offering the lowest price for an EV currently on the market in Australia: $44,381 standard range (410km), or $47,381 extended range (480km). It is priced to benefit from the $3,000 NSW Government grant.
But you don’t just get a lower purchase price. ATTO 3 also offers ‘Vehicle-to-Load’ as it comes with a portable adapter. This allows the car to operate as a mobile power supply. (Just imagine how useful that will be - come the next floods…)
Its importers, EVDirect, are also offering low interest ‘green financing’. Drive away with a new ATTO 3, for zero dollars upfront, and an interest rate of 3.81%.


The Atto 3 arrives in Australia

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