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Huge news for home energy efficiency in 2023-2024 federal budget

The announcement of a $1.6 billion Energy Savings Package in the 2023-2024 federal budget on Tuesday is a big win for those wanting to save money on running homes and businesses.

But, the devil is in the detail. Board Secretary Seb Crangle had this to say on LinkedIn earlier today:

“Huge news for home energy efficiency in the Federal Budget, with “more than $1.6 billion for energy saving upgrades for homes, businesses and social housing”. The majority ($1.3b) is for low cost finance for households to upgrade their homes (ie solar, electrification, insulation, heat pumps).

“I believe much of the credit for these developments comes from the lobbying of groups like Rewiring Australia (Saul Griffith), as well as the Climate Council, Renew and Energy Efficiency Council. Books like The Big Switch have gone deep in the pysche of the nation.

“On a sceptical note, I suspect that most or all of the $36 million allocated to rate existing houses will go to the CSIRO’s “RapidRate”, AI technology. Let’s hope there’s a place for real live home assessors like me and my Residential Efficiency Scorecard colleagues.”

On this, the press release says:

“$36.7 million to expand and upgrade the Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme to apply to existing homes. Many older homes don’t meet modern energy efficiency standards, and at the moment, Australians have access to more information on the energy efficiency of their washing machines, than they do their homes. This investment means people will be able to seek a home energy rating, so Australians can make the best choices for their hip pocket when it comes to energy upgrades and renting and purchasing homes.”

“With any luck households will still seek the advice of energy efficiency advisors to identify their priority actions when improving the energy performance of their home.”

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