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Facing Up: how do we live in the midst of the climate and ecological crises?

Brought to you by Plan C and supporters.

The Facing Up sessions will be held every last Wednesday of the month, from March to November, alternating between the Brunswick Picture House, the Regent Theatre in Murwillumbah and the Bowling club in Lismore.

Next Event:

24th May 6 - 8.30pm

The Regent Theatre Muwillumbah


$16.50 full/ $11 conc.


Facing Up is a series of trauma-informed conversations that focuses on the social, economic, cultural, political, emotional and spiritual consequences of the ecological crisis.

In a series of public conversations, held monthly from March to November this year, some of Australia’s leading thinkers will consider our place in a rapidly transformed world, and how we might think, feel and act in ways that are grounded, empowering and life-affirming.

Our starting point is an acceptance of the prevailing scientific evidence on the climate predicament and destruction of biodiversity. As we’re all aware, this predicament points to an extremely precarious future for all planetary species.

Join us and learn how we can grow our acceptance and strength to support each other in this period of significant change. And ultimately Face Up to the challenges ahead.

Reprinted from Plan C's website.

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