Replant Byron Alliance connects revegetation organisations, landholders and professionals.

ZEB’s Replant Byron Alliance is:
  • Tallying tree planting across Byron Shire
  • Calculating the carbon drawdown figures to find out their collective impact
  • Sharing success stories to increase demand for native revegetation and regen agriculture
  • Supporting and promoting the work of local regenerators
  • While also increasing biodiversity, water quality and soil stability and our transition to net zero.
Interested in becoming a Replant Byron Alliance member?  Contact Wren at

Through this Alliance of revegetation organisations, landholders and professionals, we will gain a big picture overview of what has been and what can be achieved collectively to transition to net-zero emissions - while increasing biodiversity, water quality and soil stability.

By sharing success stories and celebrating Alliance members’ achievements, ZEB intends to increase community understanding and support for native revegetation as a critically important and desirable land use. We want to promote and increase the demand for bush restoration services across the region.

ZEB also intends to quantify our collective impact by tallying tree plantings to generate general carbon drawdown figures. That way, we will gain a ‘big picture’ overview of what can be achieved to transition to net-zero, whilst also increasing biodiversity, water quality and soil stability.

The following clip was filmed at the launch of the Replant Byron Alliance at Dingo Lane Farms:


From the RePlant Byron Alliance Blog

April 2020 e-news

Protecting ourselves from the virus is pushing us to new levels of consideration for the world around us and for others. Growing community response is the change needed to deal with the even greater challenge of climate change.