Good Fire Healthy Country 2023

The restoration of Good Fire in Byron Shire will improve community bushfire safety,
restore dormant carbon sequestration, conserve biodiversity, and continue
Aboriginal connection to Country. Good Fire – Healthy Country, Supporting Information
for Good Fire Restoration Plans shows how commitment to action on climate change
knits the practices of our First Nations peoples into contemporary land management.

This groundbreaking document Good Fire – Healthy Country outlines how
maintaining vegetation is a key component to reducing the impacts of climate
change. Severe bushfires destroy entire ecosystems, whereas good fire reduces
excess vegetation which would fuel severe fires. Good fire enhances the health of the
land and its people.

Good Fire Restoration Plan read in tandem with Good Fire – Healthy Country is
the template for a targeted and consistent approach for assessing altered fire regime
issues relevant to the region. The aim of the Plan is to protect and conserve ecological
and cultural values and sequester carbon in the form of charcoal, through the
maintenance of appropriate fire regimes. This document guides cultural and ecological
fire consultants to enable the restoration of Good Fire on a property.

The documents were prepared by a cross-cultural collaboration with Wildsite
Ecological Services ( Dr Andy Baker) Jagun Alliance Aboriginal Corporation ( Oliver
Costello, Richard Geddes, Marcus Ferguson), and Zero Emissions Byron ( Wren

Copies of the documents are available here:

Good Fire Restoration Plan Template 2023

Good Fire Healthy Country 2023

Please distribute as widely as possible to increase awareness to reduce the impacts of climate change
through Good Fire!

Also see article here:

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