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Sustainable House Day this Sunday

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If you can't make it to Mullum this Sunday you can still get a lot out of Sustainable House Day this year as their website hosts information including 'walk through' videos of many of the Flood Resilient Open Homes AND there is an all day program of free online sessions with panels that consist of experts and home owners.   Our very own board member and treasurer, Robert Goodwill, is on the panel for the second free online session of the day - Design for life : Accessibility and ageing in place at 11am.

Check out the program of free online sessions here or click through the list of topics below.  Note:  you only need to register once to be able to attend as many as you like.  Scroll down for information about Mullumbimby's Flood Resilient Open Homes.

House Retrofit for Energy Independence

Book now to attend Flood Resilient Open Homes in Mullumbimby

It doesn't matter if you personally flooded or not.  We live in a flood prone region and literacy relating to flood resilient design is a something in everyone's interest that we improve our collective literacy of flood resilient design.  So take advantage of this incredible opportunity to see first hand what flood resilient alternatives look like and hear from the homeowners and their instrumental trades about the ups and downs of the rebuild process.  Never before has this opportunity been available in Australia.  Flood resilience was added by Renew, the organisers of Sustainable House Day, at our request.

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